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Here are some questions I am often asked during the booking process. Not seeing what you are looking for?

General Questions

Absolutely! Depending on the location, there may be a fee associated though.

In general, no. Sometimes, however, I have day-of booking discounts at bridal shows.

Well, to start, I am the only person that works for AGE Entertainment. I do everything for the company. I am fully independent and do not have to follow any corporate rules.

In general, yes. I will however provide feedback for what songs will and will not work at a wedding reception. I go to a lot of weddings and have a very good idea of what works and what doesn't!

Like I said before, I do not see myself as just a wedding DJ. First off, I do not follow tradition. I am a suit wearing, glasses sporting, bearded performer! I am a DJ in the sense that I use turntables, have a radio voice, and love engaging with a crowd, but I am also an event planner, schedule keeper, and support system for my couples. I am not just a 'press play deejay' - I am an entertainer at heart and I bring that to your big day!

I am always in a suit or a tux unless there is something specific you want me to wear.

Reception Questions

The short answer is yes. However, if you plan to pick every song you want played, I am probably not the person you want to provide entertainment at your reception. Part of what I do is read the room in order to play the music people will respond to. While you will pick all of the songs for your ceremonial parts of your reception (first dance, bouquet toss, etc.), I only ask for must-plays and do-not-plays for the dancing portion of the night.

The short answer? No. The 5 hour time limit is a maxmimum. The cost of the reception is largely based on equipment cost, set up times, and a few other factors.

Yes! That is my favorite part!

Duh! I love going longer than expected when everyone is having a good time!

Wedding Questions

Absolutely! That is not a problem at all.

Even if your wedding and reception are in the same space, setting up for a wedding & reception impacts what microphones we use, how I set up my equipment, and a few other things. The extra charge is for additional labor, separate microphones, cables, and things like that.

Yes! All I need is one power outlet. I have microphones and speakers specifically for second-location weddings.

I put a lapel microphone on the officiate in most instances, however I do have a handheld microphone as well if there is a reading of some sort, personalized vows, or whatever else!


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